Find Your True North

Pip Roberts


Pip offers vibrant, thoughtful and relaxing practices stemming from her intuitive self practice and varied inspiring trainings  (having trained with the British wheel of Yoga in hatha, flow with Tara Stiles, Tara Judelle and Shiva Rea and yin with Norman Blair).  A big fan of cutting the bullshit out of practices and making them accessible, easy to digest and useful to the real person on the street.

Her group and private sessions are guided in a clear and useful way that provides encouragement, confidence and space for discovery. Pip is a dedicated practitioner with a playful edge and always brings a smile to class while providing a contained and flowing yoga experience.  Classes are laid back and have an open vibe, with an emphasis on what feels good for the individual on the mat.

A firm believer in yoga having the ability to “undo” what life brings to our doors, those things that move us further from our essence of self, a set of practices to draw us towards that stillness and energy that lies within.