Find Your True North

Niti Sheth


Niti began her journey in health while studying Nutrition, Media & Communication at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Her education and research prompted her to look beyond conventional western nutrition.

A one-hour siminar on Ayurvedic Nutrition was a pivotal moment in her life. The basic principles of Ayurveda were so logical and practical that Niti felt the need to study further. After graduating from university, Niti travelled to India and studied at the world renowned Vaidyagrama – an Ayurvedic healing village in South India. Here she learnt the basic concepts of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition under the guidance of Dr Ramdas.

Back home in Australia, Niti joined Back2Health – one of the leading Ayurvedic clinics in Brisbane. She soon started living her passion of Ayurveda through workshops, open days, expos, cooking demonstrations – and helping people adopt Ayurveda into their own lives. Over a number of years at Back2Health, Niti invested her time in developing theoretical and practical knowledge of Ayurvedic treatments under the the tutelage of Jo Formosa (co-founder of Health Dynamics) – and eventually serving and working with her own clients. This brought Niti into her element – connecting with clients through Ayurvedic massage and dietary consults.

Niti has taken her wisdom, passion and vision with her and is sharing that in her new home, England. With her knowledge of Ayurveda and helping to heal people through restorative Ayurvedic therapies – she will assist you to bring Ayurveda into your life.