Find Your True North

Micheal K. Chin


The Digital Shamans, Michael K. Chin and Pete Longworth are on a journey to explore spirituality through the digital and metaphysical realms.

‘Immersive Contemplations’ is an interactive art piece attuning participants to subtle energies around them, and within. Guiding you through this blindfolded practice, The Digital Shamans create sonic soundscapes bathing you in cymatic mandalas, indulging senses of heart, mind, body, and soul in a totally immersive ‘digital ayahuasca’ experience!

Michael K. Chin is an award-winning international artist whose muse is ‘Love’. Through his photography, videography, music and interactive design he delves into this universal theme in all its depths, breadths and heights, sharing his inward & outward J⎊urneys as exhibitions, art installations and performance pieces around the globe.