Find Your True North

Masood Ali Khan


Masood Ali Khan percussionist, composer, producer PhD. Born in London into Indian/Muslim heritage is a musician of eclectic qualities. A practitioner of yoga for over 25 years with an innate desire to help humanity and be spiritually connected. He recorded his first album within the anticipated “The Yoga Sessions™” Series, where he plays the enchanting new percussive instrument, a hand pan called the ‘Hang’ drum (pronounced “Hung”).

Masood brings his unique sound and performance that inspires a meditative experience with his mesmerizing combination of the ‘Hang’ and sacred mantras, infused with the power of the Heart and Mind’s healing potential to help humanity. Musically he explores a merging of cultures and styles creating storytelling compositions with captivating melodies to inspire the spiritual being within the human.

His music has received top 10 listings, nods and rave reviews from Yoga Journal, LA yoga Magazine, Light of Consciousness, Bhakti Beat and other online published reviews as well radio airplays on: The BBC (Musical Rickshaw), KPFK (The Global Village), Mantra Radio, New World Kirtan and WPRI (In the Spirit).

After a phenomenal debut album “The Yoga Sessions:Masood Ali Khan” that spread like wild fire though the yoga and hang drum world Masood then released his second album “The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels: Masood Ali Khan” in the critically acclaimed The Yoga Sessions series from Yoga Organix and White Swan Records.

Buoyed by master musicians from around the world, the recording is studded with ethereal, meditative and richly-colored soundscapes especially designed for the flow of yoga classes, savasana and also ideally suited for wellness applications such as meditation and bodywork, or as beautiful atmospheric music for a mellow evening.