Find Your True North

Mary-Louise Parkinson


Mary-Louise Parkinson
made a decision some time ago to BE yoga rather than DO yoga. As such she inspires people to integrate the fundamental principles of Yoga into their daily lives rather than just on the yoga mat or in the yoga studio.

As President of IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association) Mary-Louise heads up one of the few non-profit International Associations dedicated to yoga teacher training, support and development, in more than 20 countries.

Discovering Yoga at High School in the 1970’s, Mary-Louise realised the benefits of yoga at an early age. She continued to use yoga to help balance a dynamic 20-year career in IT with Apple, Commodore Computer & Cisco.
Mary-Louise graduated with IYTA in 1998, continuing with Post Graduate Training in Pre and Post Natal. She then qualified as one of the first Dru Yoga Teachers in Australia in 2001.
The more diverse the range of Yoga styles to emerge, the more it reminds Mary-Louise to remain authentic to the core of good, safe, ethical yoga teaching.
“I see people today (particularly women) pushing themselves almost to the point of breaking – physically, mentally and spiritually. I make a conscious effort to encourage students to slow down in their practice, to practice mindfulness, effortless flow and find an inner sanctuary. I often ask: “What’s the Rush?”.

Mary-Louise has travelled the world, owned her own yoga studio, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (now called Qi Yoga), built and ran an eco yoga retreat in Australia’s South Coast Wilderness and lived and worked in Nepal, establishing an NGO for homeless children. She is a sought after presenter, author and pilot – having circumnavigated Australia twice.

You will find your true home when you join Mary-Louise in a class or workshop.