Find Your True North

Lana Van Hout


Lana Van Hout through her own life experiences turned to running and discovered so many unknown amazing things about herself. Through the discipline and dedication, a new level of happiness, strengths, goal setting and friendships have blossomed and a whole new life has been created. Running became her platform to enhancing and rebuilding mind, body and soul and this is what she wants to share with others. There are a world of possibilities to discover and Lana wants to encourage you to take that first step, as she did and really love what you find within yourself. You could say, running is just running, but it’s so much more than that, its a level of well being and a life well lived, its goals and challenges, its the places it takes you in this world, exploring beautiful parks, pristine coastlines and mountains where the air is fresh and views are endless. It’s the challenge to stay dedicated and on track and putting your wellbeing at the forefront of your life and really feeling alive.