Find Your True North

Jessica Abner


Jessica, originally from Orlando, Fl, Moved out to Hawaii in 2007. Shortly after the move, her life journey took a turn in the direction of health and fitness. Jessica became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and began to share and motivate her community with wellness. In her free time, participating in triathlons and endurance sports and found that she really enjoyed the deep meditative aspects of long distance training and the strength and overall feelings of capability within her body and mind. On the other hand, injuries and muscular fatigue were also a daily aspect of life.

Jessica will admit that she was someone who often said, “I can’t do yoga because it’s too boring.” That is until she was introduced to a challenging style of yoga which fused fitness and dance in with yoga asana. This style really spoke to her, as it had the physical intensity she gravitated towards which therefore took the boring out of yoga. Within this new challenge, she was able to find that same meditative state where the mind took over and guided the body through discomfort. So in a way yoga kind of snuck up on her at the perfect time. Now she was adding that missing link into what her mind and body needed in order to work properly. She experienced new performance gains and was happy to say, pretty much injury free.

Shakti flow was developed after Jessica moved to Oahu and found the need for a practice that was easily approachable by people of all fitness levels, not just the extremely fit. Sticking with the components of yoga, fitness, dance and meditation, Shakti Flow is taught with progression and suggested modifications. Shakti Flow acknowledges the individuality of the practitioner and encourages moving to feel good, rather than moving within societies labeling of what is appropriate. The practice challenges the student to step outside of their comfort zone, in a safe space. The music is loud, and infiltrates the room setting a vibrant and motivating tone. The dynamic combination of functional fitness, stretching, static holds and cardio bursts brings us to our edge and back down again, leaves us with this undeniable buzzing of empowerment, confidence and self love.