Find Your True North

Flow Arts


Dan Bissell has been a flow artist and fire performer in Oahu for the last five years. Fire performance has become his primary artistic focus and has led him to travel to perform and teach on the mainland , Australia, and the Burning Man arts festival in Nevada. He trains in 10 disciplines of flow arts including contemporary poi and fire staff and is constantly exploring new props and techniques. Dan has been an invited teacher at the FireDrums prop manipulation festival in California for 2 years, and has performed fire shows at the Wanderlust Oahu festival from 2016-2018. He leads a fire dance company on Oahu, Dancing Flame LLC, which performs at events, fundraisers, and festivals throughout the islands. In addition to flow arts, Dan has also taught yoga on the North Shore for the last 3 years, and currently teaches at Turtle Bay Resort. This year at Wanderlust he will be teaching intro poi and staff classes to ignite your passion for the fire and flow arts.

Christie Comfort is the assistant instructor for flow arts at Wanderlust Oahu 2019. Christie has been training as a flow artist for 3 years, and quickly developed a love for the art. She is also a professional contemporary dancer and has trained in ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance for over 20 years. She currently performs with Dancing Flame LLC and Convergence Dance Theatre, both based on Oahu. Christie is passionate about integrating dance with prop manipulation, and loves to teach and share the experience of flow arts.

Why flow arts? Yoga and flow arts have many parallels, among which is the presence in the moment. Both practices are pathways to access a state of flow and a mindful and meditative consciousness. Training in varied movement arts opens pathways in the body and supports and strengthens your yoga practice – it’s also a LOT of fun!