Find Your True North

Eva Salina


A native of Santa Cruz, California and a resident of Brooklyn, NY, Eva Salina has been immersed in Balkan and East European traditional music for 25 years. Having studied with some of the greatest living singers of Balkan traditional music, Eva has been performing for over twenty years, and has 18 years of experience teaching traditional singing styles from the region. Her rich, agile, and powerful voice and her enthusiastic, skillful, inspired teaching have quickly established Eva as a renowned singer, interpreter, and teacher of traditional Balkan vocal music. Singing primarily through the traditions of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and the Balkan Romani people, Eva has also spent significant time working with Georgian, Corsican, Traditional American, and Ukrainian singing traditions. Her live performances feature hauntingly beautiful examples of diverse musical traditions, interwoven with anecdotes gathered from a life lived in song. Her workshops present an array of symbiotic song traditions, presented holistically with historical context, clear and thorough technical explanation and demonstration, and exploration of individual expressive possibilities for each unique voice.