Escents Aromatherapy


Founded in 1992, Vancouver-based company and Canada’s premier leader-in-scent, Escents Aromatherapy provides natural essentials for the body, mind and home with unique, industry-leading scent selections along with the first-to-market custom blending experience.
With over 60 retail locations worldwide, Escents Aromatherapy provides the largest and most diverse selection of scent in North America with an international presence in Asia. Escents’ essential oils are 100% natural and sourced from all over the world with blending done locally in Canada. We offer over 500 bath, body, wellness and home fragrance products.
We believe that we are all meant to achieve happiness in life; it’s in our nature. When we feel happy, we give more back to the people around us, and our planet. Escents Aromatherapy is founded on the idea that everyone should feel good, body and mind. For one person, it’s about creating a personal oasis in which to relax. For another, it’s about relieving headache pain so they can do the things they love.
Nature, in all forms, has powerful gifts for us all. Everyone deserves to feel good through its wonder, beauty, sustenance and healing power every day of their lives. -Jacqui MacNeill​ CEO and Founder​