Dread Ashanti


A truly roots outfit rising out of the Hawaiian Islands, Dread Ashanti is striving onwards toward a bright future with a new generation to inspire! Reemerging with a new album entitled At The Heart Of It, the band has brought forward their honest, organic, live sound and richly patterned simplicity in arrangement. Former albums Rising (1992) and The Beauty of the Sea (1996) display the powerful, driving rhythms that a generation of Hawai’i youth grew up pounding on their way to surf some good waves, grooving at live backyard parties, and dancing at major shows everywhere!

Dread Ashanti has a rhythm foundation that runs 25 years deep together, and the music is ringing out across the Aloha State once again! Although stripped down to just six players—their smallest incarnation yet—the sound is bigger than ever with the addition of a second guitarist, Shawn McKay, in the mix! Coupled now with the gutsy and intelligent writing of their front man, Gabe Jameson, and longtime guitarist Ian Masterson. Of course, returning is the original Rising (1992) members Shawn Moseley (keys), along with drum and bass foundation Patrick Morley (bass), and Bryce Myers (drums), who hold down a powerhouse of rootsy rhythms.

Themes of Positivity, Consciousness, and Persistence, and their enduring belief that music should bring truth, joy and light to the world, ring out loud and clear from their newest release…

“Some faces change, but the vibration remains the same… Yeah, Dread Again!”