Find Your True North

Cleome Bova


Every once in a while, an artist emerges onto the national scene, who is so compelling, so completely her own, that critics and fans take note immediately.

Emerging artist Cleome Bova , known on stage as Cleome, effortlessly encompasses several facets of the blues, and her deeply soulful, heartfelt and sincerely gifted approach to the more contemporary popular-song genre make her a near unforgettable new performer. Her songs are thought-provoking and raw, whether tackling her own self-penned tunes, or the hill country Blues-inspired music that she so profoundly inhabits.

With a unique & compelling vocal tone accompanying her stellar slide and consummate finger picking, Cleome has wowed audiences from Cuba to San Francisco, Arkansas to Oakland, and New York to Clarksdale Mississippi. She frequently plays in the great musical city of New Orleans. Her deep Americana Soul sound carries the echoes of her time in New Orleans and traveling the deep South while drawing from her diverse musical palate that reaches into many popular song genres beyond the blues to neo soul, RnB and folk. She has one, self-produced EP available, playing along with Blues award-winning drummer and 2016 Grammy nominee, Cedric Burnside.