Find Your True North

Chara Caruthers


Hi!  I’m Chara Caruthers – And I’m not your average health coach!

For starters I’m trained and practiced in the ancient living science of Ayurveda, so I believe that food is medicine, aging is optional, and having a vibrant mind, body and life starts with getting to know yourself a little better!

I’m a working mom who’s been happily married for twenty years.  So I’m intimately familiar with what chaos looks and feels like… and what it can do to your mind, body and spirit!

BUT I believe we each have our own unique formula for thriving amidst the chaos of our modern lives… And I’m here to help you uncover yours.

One thing I know, is that true wellness, the kind that feels relaxed, graceful and authentic, doesn’t happen overnight.

The other thing I know, is that getting there on your own… is hard!

So I’ve created this community specifically to inspire, motivate, inform and support YOU, everyday, every season and every year, because vibrant health really should be for LIFE!