Find Your True North

Bonnie Argo


Bonnie is an internationally renowned Yoga Teacher and Senior AcroYoga Teacher. She has been teaching yoga and AcroYoga for a decade, and traveling the world teaching for the past 7 years. As a Senior AcroYoga Teacher, Bonnie is one of a select few that teaches AcroYoga Immersions and Teacher Trainings internationally. She is known and loved for her joyful and lighthearted approach to the practice, as well as bringing a sense of gravity and depth to the way we connect with one another that is unparalleled. She has been a pioneer for the practice of AcroYoga in both the teacher and student community globally.

She is the Co-Founder of an elite studio in Canberra, SOULution Yoga, where she mentors and trains teachers. Bonnie is renowned for guiding transformation & healing through the blend of deep physical practice & mystical, spiritual teachings. She has an established reputation for facilitating trainings that produce well educated and powerful teachers. She empowers others with fierce love, tender care and intentional direction that transforms self-limiting beliefs and deepens self-worth.

Bonnie’s teaching weaves together courage and passion to create a space that captivates students. She is renowned for her transformative work and getting to the heart of the matter. She gently and loving speaks with conviction and meaning to reflect the light to her students. Whether she’s teaching classes, mentoring teachers or simply connecting with community Bonnie acts as a revolutionary for new thought paradigms that make it possible for anyone, at any age, to be received as a teacher, healer, leader and most importantly, as a the essence of themselves. Bonnie takes pride and passion in training yoga teachers at the 200 & 500 hour level, as well as training AcroYoga teachers. You can find her at her studio in Canberra or at events globally.