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Bibi McGill


Bibi McGill was born and raised in Denver, CO and began playing guitar at the age of 12. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Music: Scoring and Arranging, Bibi moved to Los Angeles where she developed her aggressive, soaring, funky, soulful style in clubs all over the city. Her defined and transcendent lead guitar work led her to playing with Pink as well as Paulina Rubio & La Ley, where Bibi began to play arenas all over the United States and Latin America. Bibi has gone on to become Beyonce’s lead guitarist and musical director where she has served for almost a decade. Often called “the female Jimi Hendrix”, Bibi has played at the White House twice as well as in over 100 countries including her now legendary solos at the 2013 Superbowl and the Glastonbury Music Festival. Bibi’s style is ferocious, melodic and undeniable. She is considered one of the greatest rock guitarists alive.

Rolling Stone magazine quotes Bibi as being a “Zen Master, hippie, rock goddess who can seriously shred.” Bibi’s ferocity combined with her luminescent spiritual influence coalesce into an emotionally moving, driving, ethereal, “Bibi McGill Experience”.

A world renown yoga instructor, Bibi teaches and travels the world from her home base in Portland, Oregon where for the past several years she has developed her sound as a producer & DJ. Through her luscious rhythms and driving beats she evokes “vibrational medicine” thru the current of sound. Bibi is known for her transcendent blend of Hypnotic, Glitch, Bass, World and Mantra music. Now also touring the world as a DJ, Bibi shares the healing power of music on Ecstatic Dance platforms around the world.

She has Djed alongside, The Polish Ambassador, Lapa, ILL-ESHa, CloZee, and The Human Experience. Bibi’s near obsession with wellness on every level has translated into her music where she has also worked with Kirtan artists, Shantala, Karnamrita Dasi, Tina Malina, Simrit Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh, The Hanumen and has produced an single for Gurunam Singh.

Bibi is a force of nature crisscrossing the globe, DJing, producing music, teaching yoga and giving health and wellness seminars internationally.

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