Wanderlust Marketing Kit

The success of our festivals depends on people like you. By sharing your involvement with Wanderlust across your communities, we are able to offer an awesomely inspiring experience year after year for everyone involved. What’s more, we are here to simplify this process for you by providing text templates and multimedia assets for your email lists, social media and general community outreach. Remember – these templates are just suggestions. We encourage you to share the word about Wanderlust in your own voice!

Use the tabs below to find what you need, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

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Wanderlust Festivals Marketing Kit

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Social media is one of the best ways to organically spread the word to your community. Use the following templates as a starting point for posting statuses, tweets and grams across your social media platforms. Images are a great way to enhance these posts so feel free to click over to the Photos / Video tab to share some of our photos when you post!

When posting on all social media use these hashtags as applicable:

Please use #WanderlustFestival #Wanderlust2015 and feel free to add any location specific tags (ie. #oahu #turtlebay #hawaii). We have claimed our festivals on FourSquare so don’t forget to choose your location onsite!

When posting about anything Wanderlust-related, feel free to add #FindYourTrueNorth to your posts. We are constantly encouraging our community to engage in activities that resonate with their highest and truest north and we’d love your help in this mission.

Make sure you RSVP to our events on Facebook to keep up with our attendees and encourage engagement:

Wanderlust O’ahu
Wanderlust Snowmass (coming soon)
Wanderlust Stratton (coming soon)
Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass (coming soon)
Wanderlust Squaw Valley (coming soon)
Wanderlust Whistler (coming soon)
Wanderlust Tremblant (coming soon)

Sending a personal email announcing your presence at the festival shows your community that you value their involvement. Below, we’ve included a basic template, but please feel free to rewrite it so it reflects your voice and speaks clearly to your audience. It’s always smart to include an eye-catching video and/or a couple photos from the festival, which can be found in the Photos / Video tab above.

For those of you who are comfortable with HTML emails and regularly send newsletters to your community, here are HTML versions of this email ready for you to upload and edit in your email program (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc) for:

Summer Festivals (coming soon)

Wanderlust Photos

Photos are the most effective way to grab your audience’s attention in any marketing format. We have a fantastic inventory of breathtaking photos for each of our festivals. We’ve chosen our favorites and made them available to your via our Flickr account.

Photo requirements: Our photos may only be used in connection with our festivals. You may not use these images for independent, self promotion. For every photo you use, you must credit both Wanderlust Festival and the individual photographer. The photographer’s name is both tagged on Flickr and contained in the file name of the image. Below, we have included examples of appropriately tagged images for each of our festivals.

If you have questions, please email us.

Stratton Photos / Stratton Flickr

Photo by Jake Laub, Wanderlust Festival
Photo by Jake Laub, Wanderlust Festival

Aspen-Snowmass Photos / Aspen-Snowmass Flickr

photo by Jake Laub, Wanderlust Festival

Squaw Valley Photos / Squaw Valley Flickr

Squaw Valley 13
photo by Jake Laub, Wanderlust Festival

Whistler Photos / Whistler Flickr

photo by Ali Kaukas, Wanderlust Festival

Tremblant Photos / Tremblant Flickr

photo by Ali Kaukas, Wanderlust Festival

Austin Photos / Austin Flickr

photo by James Guiry, Wanderlust Festival

O’ahu Photos / O’ahu Flickr

photo by Shannon Cummings, Wanderlust Festival

Wanderlust Videos

Videos are all available for embedding from our YouTube channel. In particular, we recommend sharing our 2014 highlights video (coming soon).

We’re proud of our posters, and they are some of our most recognizable branding items. Feel free to share the web versions of our poster art across your social media platforms or print a copy to post in your studio or favorite community hang.

If you are helping spread the word about Wanderlust, these banners can make a big impact. Include them on your website, in your letters and wherever you think they’ll pop. They rotate images, so make sure you’re choosing the festival that reflects your needs.

  • General
  • Stratton
  • Aspen-Snowmass
  • Squaw Valley
  • Whistler
  • Tremblant (En Francais)
  • Tremblant (English)
  • Austin
  • O’ahu

Below are links to our official logos for the summer 2014 season. Please contact us if you have questions about logo use, or need access to particular fonts or other Wanderlust branding.

Stratton Mountain
Squaw Valley

We travel the globe bringing the Wanderlust experience to communities across three continents. Along the way, many have taken notice. Below is a sampling of our coverage, with even more to come as we embark on our 7th Wanderlust Festival season. To see all coverage, check out our full Press Page.