Speakeasy | Wealth Follows Worth | Susanne Conrad

Wealth. Money. Finances. These are some of the touchiest subjects in our society — not to mention within the yoga-sphere. In this Wanderlust Speakeasy from Whistler 2013, Susanne Conrad blows the roof off this subject by asking us to take ownership of our ability to nab all the abundance we deserve.

Conrad, founder of Igolu (pronounced I-Goal-You) and Director of Possibility at lululemon athletica, dissects the meaning of wealth and explains how to structure our thinking patterns in a way that maximizes our opportunities for economic abundance.

Using the clear, potent and straightforward language for which she is known, Conrad covers:

  • What elements you should consider when you define your wealth (we’re talking more than just dollars and cents, here)
  • Why talking about money and finances with your partner can be more charged than sexual intimacy issues
  • What sabotages your ability to increase your wealth
  • How to shift your behavior and situation to avoid what sabotages you

Watch now or book mark this video for later to learn more about one of the seven super powerful principles of Wealth Follows Worth. Your abundance is your business.