Five Stunning Photojournals from Wanderlust O’ahu

Photo by Shannon Cumming at Wanderlust O'ahu

We invited five truly talented photographers to Wanderlust O’ahu with a simple directive: Show us the festival through your lens. Below are their photojournals of the festival.

To see the images in full screen, tap the arrow icon beneath each slideshow. To comment on a particular photo, tap the speech bubble. Cover image by Shannon Cummings.

Interested in attending a Wanderlust festival as a photographer? Apply here.

Ali Kaukas

What we love: From the very first image – that beautiful close-up of an eye – we know we are seeing the festival as Ali sees it: a series of intimate moments with nature, with ourselves, and with each other.


Shannon Cummings / Memories Aquatic

What we love: Water, water, everywhere! Whether she’s capturing the unexpected shapes and forms of the ocean’s surface, or diving all the way under, Shannon’s makes the water a dynamic character in itself.

Learn more about Shannon and book a photoshoot at


Christen Vidanovic

What we love: People are front and center in Christen’s photography, and you can sense her compassion for her subjects reflected right back into her camera.

Learn more about Christen at and browse her full gallery of O’ahu images.



Matt Schwartz / She Hit Pause Studios

What we love: For Wanderlust O’ahu Matt took Polaroid-style photos and then printed them on tree-free banana paper. The results are vibrant, painterly, and utterly unique.

Check out the many prints Matt has onsale – including these O’ahu prints – at


Amanda Bjorn

What we love: Amanda’s photos seem to glow with the warm mists of Hawaii, leaving us sweetly reminiscing of a festival gone by.

Learn more about Amanda Bjorn Photography at and For prints, email [email protected].


Interested in attending a Wanderlust festival as a photographer? Apply here.



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