WATCH: Erica Jago on Creativity, Sexuality and Spirituality

Teacher, designer, artist, and co-author of Art of Attention Erica Jago describes beauty as a curiosity.

“When you see a beautiful woman or a beautiful painting, there’s a moment of pause,” she said. “Things start to slow down and there’s a sense of expansion. You want to create intimacy with that thing.”

Jago describes her creative process as one whereby sexuality and spirituality weave together. This fusion enables the use of her body as a vessel to produce something original. In this speakeasy from Wanderlust O’ahu 2014, Jago dives deeply into a journey that resulted in the acceptance her worth and her ownership of the title, “Teacher, designer and artist.”

Watch the video to learn more about Erica and:

  • the methods gifted teachers may use to see their yoga classes as blank canvases for beauty and expression
  • how Katonah Yoga serves as a frame of reference for Jago in her physical and her design work, by dividing the body into three transformational “floors”
  • how Jago designs her yoga classes in a way that infuses her themes into her students on a cellular level
  • the design decisions in Art of Attention and how they were meant to inspire growth in each reader

As Julia Cameron says, “Sight leads to insight,” and Erica’s Speakeasy sheds light on how the design of her artwork and yoga classes are meant to help visualize the unseen.

photo by Michael Chichi