Announcing: Haiku Day!


Update: The theme for this week was (drumroll) friendship! No one guessed it correctly, so stay tuned next week for your chance to guess again!

We’re flipping Hump Day on its rump for a new series we’re calling Haiku Day. Every Wednesday, the Haiku Guys, a couple of dreamy dudes who know how to use a typewriter (#swoon), will write a few haikus based on a secret topic. Whoever first guesses the theme correctly will win a personally tailored haiku of his or her very own.

Here is your first installment:

Friendship 3


Friendship 2


Friendship 1

Well, what are you waiting for?

Make your first guess!

The Haiku Guys, Erick and Daniel, are on a mission to write haiku for everyone. Though they work full time jobs during the week, both are available for hire as personal poets on nights and weekends at any type of event. When they aren’t entertaining, the pair will find a sunny street corner in Brooklyn or Manhattan and write #freehaiku to continually hone their skill. You walk walk over, a connection is made, visions are realized, and you go home with a poem. Constantly evolving, they are excited for what lies ahead in their evolution as creative missionaries. Oh, and they love dogs.