Squaw Valley Vendor Application Information

Wanderlust will take place at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, located in Olympic Valley, a small village just north of Lake Tahoe in California. Vending will run for four days, from Thursday, July 16 through Sunday, July 19. This is one of our larger summer festivals.  Expected attendance is approximately 14,500 for the four-day festival.


Wanderlust vending takes place at The Kula Market, the center of the Wanderlust experience. Beginning at 10 AM, the market will offer food, live music, pop-up performances and more. The Kula Market is open to the general public as well as Wanderlust attendees.


Wanderlust seeks high-quality craft vendors of all kinds, with a special focus on sustainably and ethically made products from around the world. The Kula Market hosts artisans, jewelry makers, designers, and others who share their unique products and services with the Wanderlust community. Please note that we are not accepting applications for bodyworkers in the Kula Market at this time.

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The Wanderlust food co-op features vendors who specialize in locally grown, organic foods that will feed the majority of the festival population. Kale salads, buddha bowls, grass-fed burgers, and wood fired pizza populate the co-op menus with a special focus on gluten-free, raw, and seasonal foods. The Wanderlust community loves food that is healthful, unique and incredibly tasty.

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Vending Locations and Pricing

Center Village ($2500): These high traffic booths are centrally located at the core of the Kula Market alongside sponsor activations, gondola access, and village restaurants. They receive both festival and resort foot traffic. Booths are located west of Fireside Pizza and east of Guest Services.

Lower Village ($2000):  These booths are located further from the core of the Kula Market along Main Street. They receive high traffic from both festival and resort foot traffic. Booths are located East of Fireside Pizza.

Rue Boheme ($1800): These booths are located just below the Greatest Place (largest yoga venue) alongside the Rue Boheme Stage. This area is home to the Wanderlust Food Co-Op, afternoon performances, and evening festivities.

Rue Boheme 10×20 ($3500): Located within the same area as Rue Boheme with a larger footprint.

Main Stage ($1800): These booths are located alongside our main stage, which features daytime yoga and night time headliners. These booths are great for late-night vendors.

Non-Profit Booth ($300): Non-profit organizations only. Must have valid 501(c)(3) certificate. These booths are placed throughout the Kula Market.

Food Co-Op (20% Commission): Wanderlust partners with food vendors on all food and beverage sales, requiring a fee of 20% of gross sales, with a minimum of $200 paid to Wanderlust. Your deposit is applied against the 20% commission, due at the conclusion of the festival.